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SFR 125: Rim Job - Falling off the flat Earth and disappearing up our arses!
April 03, 2015 06:01 AM PDT
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This episode starts with a comedy sketch involving falling off the flat Earth and being teleported to safety. No spoilers!

After a song break this gives way to a roamcast in a forest, where the subject of weaponised perception management is discussed. Just as Mr Lens uses sound effects to blur the lines between real and unreal, he theorises that the 911/JFK documentaries are being copied by people who are trying to convince us that lies are true, whether they be about the Earth being flat, satellites not existing or the International Space station not being real.

Other subjects include how Tolkein’s different subspecies in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - namely the Elves, Men, Wizards, Dwarves and Hobbits - are an analogue for Carl Jung’s archetypes, and that maybe Tolkein and Jung were tapping into the same phenomena via different disciplines. He elaborates on Thomas Sheridan’s theory about how the Orcs represent the toxicity which has infected the alternative/truth movement, and compares this to Paul Levy’s Wetiko phenomenon.

As the program comes to a close, Mr Lens urges the grounded and nice people who listen to podcast to create their own media, as ‘we need more good people making this type of media’.

Hawkwind - To Be Or Not
The Eagles - Journey of the Sorcerer (theme tune to Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy)

SFR 124 - Interview with Neil Sanders
March 19, 2015 03:34 PM PDT
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In this episode Mr Lens interviews Neil Sanders. Before the interview starts, Mr Lens reports the latest news from the podsphere. As veteran listeners of Shamanic Freedom Radio will be aware, Jan Irvin has not been the nicest of people, and this week he made the mistake of upsetting Thomas Sheridan who responded by offering to fight him. As Jan probably has no intention of taking up the offer, Mr Lens decided to make that match a reality in comedy sketch form.

After the sketch, the interview with Neil Sanders commences. Many topics are covered including the use of LSD as a manipulation tool and Timothy Leary’s connection to the CIA, the use of PR, advertising and Marketing and their strategies of manipulating your perception and sense of reality, the use of weasel words and vague third party advocacy when advertising products, how Facebook lowers your self esteem when juxtaposed against people who appear to be living more exciting lives, and much more.

Join Shamanic Freedom Radio next time which will be presented from the rim of the Flat Earth!

Gong - Master Builder - Dedicated to the memory of Daevid Allen, who died a week before this podcast, aged 77.

Alternative Celebrity Death Match - Thomas Sheridan vs Jan Irvin performed by Niall Murphy
March 16, 2015 10:54 AM PDT
Episode 123 - Roamcast: Enchantment in magical places
March 11, 2015 03:30 PM PDT
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In this Roamcast on location from Avebury and Glastonbury, the two main energy vortices of England’s south west, Mr Lens captures a moment when he is in a state of enchantment, and attempts to talk about this in a matter-of-fact way rather than in the manner of a flakey evangelist.

In the first part, on the way from Avebury to Windmill Hill, Mr Lens discusses the fears in the deepest recesses of our subconscious minds which were put there by our lives, and how facing these dark inner realms can prevent darkness from coming into the physical/material world.

In the second part, on the way from Gog and Magog to the foot of the Tor in Glastonbury, he contemplates this feeling of enchantment, bliss, or spiritual lightness, and how if it could be possible to come up with simple language to create a universal reference so as to conceptualise this phenomenon without it having to take the form of ideology or evangelism, so that we could remember how to get back to this state in a simple way that will not cause us to lose our grounding.


Ozric Tentacles - Yog Bar Og
Johnny Pearson - Heavy Action

Episode 122 Flattening the Flat headed Flat Earthers
March 03, 2015 12:33 PM PST
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In this episode, Mr Lens rips apart the latest fad of the Troof Movement, the notion that the Earth is flat, and that we have to 'wake up' if we even consider suggesting that it isn't. He does so by scaling the Earth down to a small football with a circumference of 25 inches so that he can explain on this scaled down Earth how high aeroplanes would be, how far the sea level horizon would be, and of course how tall he himself would be in nanometres.

He then gets a questionnaire which has been copied and pasted by Flat Earth fundamentalists and goes into deep detail about why this notion is a complete load of bunk.


Thomas Dolby (an old skool Flat Earther himself) - She Blinded Me With Science
Ozric Tentacles - Dots Thots

Episode 121 - Global warming or Global governance?
February 23, 2015 03:54 PM PST
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In this episode, Mr Lens treads on the rather dodgy ground of climate change scepticism. He starts by pointing out that although he is against fracking, dumping nuclear waste, deforestation, over fishing and other things that damage our ecology, nevertheless he is sceptical about the official version of climate change peddled by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) on behalf of the United Nations.

He talks about how the Medieval Warm Period has been doctored out of the Earth’s temperature history to make this side of the 20th Century look disproportionately warmer than the last millennium, and how cosmic ray and solar activity is more consistent with warming and cooling than CO2 is, and asks if this dubious pseudoscience is being peddled with a malevolent agenda to bring in draconian measures, wouldn’t you want to know?


Peter Murphy - All Night Long
The Novelties - Left Bank Two

SFR 120: Common Sense & Common Decency
February 18, 2015 01:46 PM PST
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In this episode, Mr Lens starts by admitting not only has he been brainwashed, but he’s been mind controlled as well, and maybe you have been too. This admission is his ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ strategy to admit to oneself that he is not above these systems of control.

This conveniently segues into the simple act of changing one’s language in order to reverse engineer this phenomenon by singling out the phrase ‘Common Purpose’, playing a clip by Brian Gerrish talking about common sense, and Brian May talking about common decency.

As the programme approaches the end, Mr Lens plays a clip by his old friend Carlita, who used to present ‘Sailing Beyond Knowledge’ podcast, about ecocide and the oil industry threatening keystone species which affect the ecosystem, from the perspective of a person who acknowledges ecocide, but is sceptical about the official version of climate change.

Visit Carlita's Patreon page by clicking this link. Music:
Darren Nesbit - Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse

Episode 119 - The Great Unwashed Brain
February 11, 2015 01:38 PM PST
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In this episode, Mr Lens contemplates on whether or not he has been brainwashed by alternative media, and acquired some sort of cognitive inflexibility and a “piggy in the middle” swaying as his mind has been taken by the extreme opinionatedness of alternative media and its notions. We take it for granted that we are resistant to the manipulations of the mainstream, but are we really free from the effects of brainwashing in the alternative too?

This is Mr Lens at his most confrontational, recalcitrant, cynical, satirical and sarcastic as he rips apart the foibles of alternative media, including his own.

Queen - The Prophet’s Song

SFR 118 - 2015 return to the podsphere
January 25, 2015 02:11 PM PST
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In this return to the podsphere after a few months break, Mr Lens appears at home, and on location in Portugal. He discusses his sound engineering aspirations as a revolutionary act of creativity, and how that would be better for the soul than talking about conspiracies on the internet all the time, and demonstrates this by playing one of his own songs (see tracklist below).

Also in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdu shootings in Paris, he contemplates whether the fixed ideological positions of those who always assume something is an ‘inside job’ vs those that unconditionally believe only the official stories, to be a think tank constructed psy op in itself, and how fence sitting is often the wisest (and often most stigmatised) thing to do.

Finally he contemplates whether the alternative media is now a worse place for propaganda than the mainstream, as we can easily see through the mainstreams techniques, but the alternative media is much more insidious and stealthy.


Niall Murphy - Seventeen Up
Hawkwind - Damage of Life
Tim Buckley - No Man can Find the War

SFR 117: Final roamcast before a break from podcasting
November 27, 2014 12:13 PM PST
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In this roamcast Mr Lens goes for a walk on a cold sunny morning, and announces that he will taking a break from podcasting for a while in order to focus on more creative ventures.

Topics include how he has taken a break from Facebook and further analysis of its corrosive, somewhat mind controlling effects, the spiral arm of the galaxy and galactic centre in the night sky, outsourcing heavy industry to space, asteroid mining and more.


Kate Bush - Kite
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - 20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) [live]

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