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Episode 112 - Interview with Kira Young
September 24, 2014 12:52 PM PDT
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This episode starts with Mr Lens introducing Fran to the nerve centre/broom cupboard of Shamanic Freedom radio. Before switching over to the interview with Kira Young, Mr Lens asks Fran to help him with his car, which leads to another comedy “domestic terrorism” scenario.

During the interview with Kira Young, many topics are including psychopaths in the work place, in charge and within the alternative communities, vote rigging in politics, Agenda 21, how we lived before the internet, diseases caused by bad food and how this plays into Big Pharma’s agent, money, and much more.

Kira presents a radio show called The Bridge with Kira Young, and writes a blog called Psychopaths in charge, which can be found with a quick Google search.

Music: Gary Numan - Cars

SFR 111: Badly played bagpipes, exploding kettles, Terence McKenna Impressions, Tardis travel and Ian Paisley’s departure to Hell
September 20, 2014 02:19 AM PDT
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In this episode, Mr Lens goes off on one in a rant, disappointed by the No vote in Scotland. He suggests that all the Scottish who can't play bagpipes for toffee should go to Westminster and relentlessly play outside. To give an idea of what this would sound like he plays a clip of a really bad piper, complete with bum notes, and multilayers it 30 times to give an idea of what this would sound like en masse. After leaving his talking booth, he goes into the kitchen and attempts to make a cup of tea, but because of the 'domestic terrorist' problem he has, this causes his kettle to explode.

After that, Mr Lens challenges Thomas Sheridan to see who does the best impression, which Mr Lens does at a low sample rate with tape hiss to make it sound authentically like one of Terence's original talks.

After a trip in his TARDIS (or TURDIS as it is actually a time travelling portaloo) to Dartmoor, the last part of the podcast becomes a roamcast. After playing a clip of Thomas Sheridan on Ian Paisley, this segues to a somewhat topical Ian Paisley joke.

The podcast ends with a look at events of the last week or two.

Todd Rundgren - International Feel
Delia Derbyshire - Original Doctor Who Theme

Episode 110 - Roamcast - Scottish Independence, NATO and ISIS
September 06, 2014 03:55 PM PDT
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In this episode, Mr Lens goes for a walk to his local forest to reflect on recent events. The first topic is the upcoming Scottish referendum in which Mr Lens hopes that they will vote Yes, and free themselves from the evil tyranny of Westminster/London, which he describes as a location which looks like it’s up the arse of a pig, and how Scotland, which looks like a witch’s head, doesn’t need to be ruled from a pig’s arse.

This leads to the Cardiff lockdown situation amid the NATO summit and how the West is promising to smash ISIS (or whatever it is called these days) despite allowing Sharia zones to form and establish themselves in England.

Other topics include the post 2012 blues, how we are on a knife edge between WW3 or a total new financial/infrastuctural paradigm making the war machine obsolete.

Jeannie Steel - The Hieland Widow’s Lament
Gong - And You Tried So Hard
Hidria Spacefolk - Ad Astra

Episode 109: Interview with Chris Spivey
August 27, 2014 12:19 PM PDT
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In this “feature length” episode of Shamanic Freedom Radio, Mr Lens on form in rant mode. After a quick rant about the curtailment of our human rights, and before the main interview, he plays a seven minute clip about the power of words by Stefan Molyneux.

This then leads to the interview with blogger Chris Spivey, who recently had a brush with the law when four aggressive police officers came round his house to search it without a warrant and arrest him for ‘suspicion of harassment’ in relation to his blogs about the Lee Rigby case being a hoax. Chris explains that night in detail, and how his house was unlawfully searched, and he was taken to the police station and detained in a cell. The conversation unfolds onto other dubious happenings such as the questionable nature of the James Foley beheading, similarities between the Lee Rigby incident and 7/7 (including dubious parking tickets bought by apparent suicide bombers who would have no reason to pay them as they weren’t coming back), links between the Hounslow Royal British Legion to the Lee Rigby incident, the mystery of the purple Tigra in Woolwich, Princess Diana, false photos of ‘terrorists’ including a photoshopped Lily Allen in a hijab (!), and much much more. There is so much in this talk and so many names mentioned that this blurb could not do it justice.

New Model Army - Vengeance (mastered from vinyl)

Episode 108: David Luke at Boom Festival
August 21, 2014 03:40 PM PDT
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In this episode, in which Mr Lens has just freshly returned to England, he plays a talk by Dr David Luke at the Liminal Village at Boom festival, Portugal, entitled “Talking with the spirits: Ethnographies from between the worlds”, which is an overview of the many different types of shamanism which are practiced around the world, covering traditional indigenous practices and rituals, as well as modern Western urban shamanic practices.

Topics include ayahuasca, spirit possession, mediumship for spiritual guidance, the Santo Daime church, non-psychedelic shamanism such as spinning around to drumming and the five D’s - drumming, diet, dancing, dreaming, and drugs. During this talk David does a somewhat ropey impression of Terence McKenna, which many will find amusing.

This segues onto scientific method to scan the brains of people who are in altered states, and the subsequent findings. Also covered is how people who have taken psychedelics claim to have seen their DNA.

Argent - Hold Your Head Up

SFR 107: Max Igan at Boom Festival
August 13, 2014 10:03 AM PDT
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In this second episode presented from Portugal, Mr Lens plays a talk by Max Igan, recorded at the Liminal Village at the Boom Festival. In this talk, Max starts by mentioning that Boom is unlike any other festival in the sense that it is not all ‘drugs, fluff and new age’ like a lot of other festivals.

Topics include the illusory meme of government, and how we have created the reality we are in due to our inability to address the shadow, how the phenomenon of Gaza is happening is happening in other places in the world on a slower pace, how he realised there was something wrong with the world from a young age and consequently lived outside of society for many years as a musician and artist, how the post 911 era compelled him to wake people up, how ‘no-one can be you better than you’ and the value of all of our unique perspectives beyond the artificial parameters bestowed upon us by the system, how school turns us into drones and traps us in our left brain, and how the media tells us that we believe what they tell us to believe, how more laws create more crimes, how united communities could heal the division of the world, and much more.

In the later part of the talk, Max speaks about the problems of Palestine and the Gaza Strip, and struggles to hold back the tears as he mentions a 7 year old girl who is on the missing list.

Santana - Batuka

SFR 106: Roamcast in Portugal
August 03, 2014 08:28 AM PDT
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In this roamcast episode from Portugal, a day before he’s off to the Boom festival, Mr Lens reviews the bad news he’s currently escaping from, and stresses how it is important to sometimes temporarily hang up the problems of the world and enjoy oneself for the purposes of striking a balance in order to replenish the soul from the fear based stuff which gets inside us.

Mr Lens then talks about shill paranoia, and how he and his colleagues in the alternative media could use their position to encourage unity in an attempt to quell the shill paranoia phenomenon which has plagued us.

This then goes onto Max Igan’s working model of how we could apply the Fibonacci sequence to the past and present as a means of designing the future, and how Bitcoin could be used to end the economics of war.

Kraftwerk - Tour De France (12”) restored from vinyl

SFR 105 - Interview with Lou Collins from the UK Column
July 24, 2014 03:24 AM PDT
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In this episode, Mr Lens interviews Lou Colllins from the UK Column, and alternative news and media outlet based in Plymouth, south west England.

Topics are heavy and controversial, including the situation with Israel and Gaza, and Cameron and Milliband’s staunch support of the Zionist regime as well as institutional corruption and paedophilia in the British government, and Bill Moloney’s plans to set up an independent enquiry with barristers and a grand jury.

This segways nicely to the media blackouts, in particular from the BBC, and how massive protests against the state of Israel in London, as well as protests in both North London and New York by Orthodox Jews against the Zionist state of Israel. Social engineering is also covered - especially in relation to the sexualisation of children, the attempt at ‘normalising’ paedophilia, and sectioning parents who have seen institutional child abuse and reported it to the police.

Other subjects touched upon include, fracking, the Bradbury Pound, Bitcoin, Orwellian language and more.

In the aftermath of the Interview, Mr Lens can barely contain his anger as he feels like strangling the legislators who wish to lower the age of consent to 4, and that even if is 12 considered bad, how there is an enormous difference between 12 and 4, and the dangerous implications on society as a result.

Disclaimer: The above comment is not a threat, just a feeling, and is probably the feeling of the majority. Music:
Barry Hawke (featuring Niall Murphy) - For the Love of Money

SFR 104 - 100 years of permanent war
July 20, 2014 02:32 PM PDT
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In this episode, Mr Lens takes Shamanic Freedom Radio out to Dartmoor for a roamcast (or is a rantcast?). There’s no mincing of words and no soft language to be heard as he starts with an abridged history of the last century of permanent war, whether it be loud weapons for noisy wars, or silent weapons for quiet wars.

This goes off into a rant about the propaganda concerning the Malaysia Airlines flight which was shot down over the Ukraine, the problems in Israel and Gaza (which leads to a recording of Orthodox Jews stating that they are against the Israeli regime), and the British establishment child abuse scandal, and further issues concerning British families and the sate, summing all these issues up as a kind of Sauron like evil over the world.

Mr Lens then talks about his school days, and goes into detail about the violent nature of the hymns he was made to sing as part of the indoctrinatory programming, and introduces the word ‘somatose’ to the English language as a description of the fluffy space bunnies who are too ‘enlightened’ to have any fire in their bellies at the state of the world.

To sum up he compares this era to Nurse Ratchett’s ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Hawkwind - Death of War

SFR 103: Avebury Roamcast
July 18, 2014 05:00 AM PDT
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In this episode, Mr Lens dodges the normal people (or Grockles, a Devon slang term of endearment) as he walks from near Silbury Hill to West Kennet Longbarrow via an underwhelmingly simple crop circle, which he suspects to have been done by 'blokes with boards'. Not being a rigid sceptic however, and having been in 'real' crop circles before, he is not convinced that this is a real one based on the simplicity and the nature of how the crops have been flattened.

During this roamcast, a few familiar subjects are pondered on, such as whether collectives such as Anonymous, Occupy and Zeitgeist really serve the interests of the individual awakener, and in the aftermath of the 'alternative' communities going all sectarian and falling out with each other, he is outspoken about how although he does disagree in places with a few famous speakers and writers that he likes, that you could put us in a pub, and we'd all agree to disagree about things we don't see eye to eye about, and focus on the things we have in common. He also describes a childhood 'bliss' experience which happened 2 years after his 'War of the Worlds' fear experienced rocked his reality.

A brief visit to the inside of West Kennet Longbarrow before heading back in the direction of Avebury wraps up the roamcast.


Kenny Bird Orchestra - Crazy People Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys

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